Our Story – Legacy of 100 + years & still growing

Milo-FAIS is a Canadian enterprise located at the shore of Lake Erie in the beautiful fishing town of Wheatley, Ontario, also known as the “Freshwater Fish Capital of the World”.  We are just 45 minutes’ drive from the Detroit-Windsor border and share the same latitude as Chicago and Rome.

Our story began in the year 1911 when Omstead Foods founded the business in Wheatley. The business started with fresh produce & fish processing along with a cold storage facility. The strategic location near the US border attracted various companies that acquired the plant & expanded the business operations.

In 2011 Milo-FAIS acquired the business and made significant investments for modernization and increasing operational efficiencies. Over the years, the business has made a meaningful contribution to the local economy. We have proved the viability of a “utility” like an integrated platform for agricultural products, we are efficiently providing facility to process, store and transport agriculture produce besides handling wastewater treatment at a competitive cost. It is cost-prohibitive not only for small producers but also for the bigger players to invest and manage such a large capital intensive infrastructure.

We are proud of our legacy of more than 100 years and a deep-rooted culture of cold chain expertise & innovation. Community engagement and customer satisfaction are paramount to us and have been foundational in our success and longevity.

Our History


Founded as Omstead Foods


Acquisition by Canadian beer giant, John Labatt


Major expansions and upgrades; facility doubles in size


Acquisition by a subsidiary of H.J. Heinz Company


Major expansions and modernizations for $20 million


Large wastewater facility added


Acquisition by TriWest, a private equity company


Freshwater fish division spinoff into a separate entity


Acquisition by MILO-FAIS


Long term labor agreement with the local Union

2016 to 2020

Series of  investments made in retrofitting and rejuvenation