Overall business profile

South West Ontario’s Premier Agro Integrated Infrastructure Food Hub

Milo-FAIS is a well-established broad capability-based integrated infrastructure platform for agricultural and food processing. We have the capabilities, infrastructure, and assets that deliver a range of services for food processing including refrigeration and freezer tunnels, cold storage, waste-water treatment, steam services, and agricultural production & testing.

Our site in Wheatly is one of the largest Agro Integrated Infrastructure Food Hub in Southern Ontario. The plant is strategically located on the shores of Lake Erie close to the Detroit-Windsor border. The highly favorable location at the southernmost point of Ontario gives us a significant advantage in reaching out to more than 50% of North Americans within a day’s travel time.

Chatham-Kent along with Leamington is a unique region in Ontario, more than 80% of its total landmass is dedicated to agriculture and grows over 20% of Ontario’s total vegetable crop. Producers can grow anything that can be grown in Canada, the region is the number one producer of tomatoes, seed corn, and carrots in all of Canada. The flat topography of the land, the fertile soil condition, the unparalleled access to freshwater, and the proximity to the US border have made the region an agricultural powerhouse.

Milo-FAIS has been envisaged with the objective and capabilities to revitalize the regional food & agriculture Industry by addressing sector trends and pressures effectively and sustainably. It aims to harness the potential of the region’s strong agricultural base through our global expertise, experience, operating capabilities, and capital investments.

The core assets at Milo-FAIS comprise more than 395,000 sq. ft. of the freezer, cooler and food-grade processing facility on 85 acres of land. The plant boasts leading global companies as its customers. The Company provides its top three customers with industrial-grade food processing space along with cool and cold warehousing and food processing services. We operate one of the largest frozen appetizer and carrot processing operations in North America.

We have a tenacious and passionate commitment to our corporate mission, vision, and values.

Our Vision

To be North America’s biggest Food Hub with world-class industrial & logistics real estate & infrastructure to support the economic development, international trade, and maximize prosperity for the stakeholders & the region. We aim to localize and decentralize food processing in the region and fix the fragility in the existing food system and supply chain.

Our Mission

To Serve as an integrated Rural, Agricultural, Food, Technology, and Systems platform for synergy and international competitive advantage by connecting all the dots in Ag & Food supply chain from Farm to Fork.

To build long-term relationships with customers by improving the efficiency of the distribution process through innovative and cost-effective solutions, consistent quality, and high standards.

Our Values


  • Be a great place to work where people are inspired and encouraged to achieve their potential. We embrace inclusiveness, diversity, and equality to create a culture of deep collaboration, continuous learning, and respect for all.


  • Committed engagement with customers to build high-quality solutions to their needs and challenges.


  • Strengthen our communities through economic development and active engagement on issues that matter.


  • Relentless focus on continuous improvement, safety, and reliability in everything we do. We strive to build a zero-waste culture to ensure we deliver on our customer’s mission.


  • Pursuing innovation passionately to truly identify our customer’s needs & explore market opportunities and meet them with simple, elegant solutions.

Financial independence

  • Secure financial independence of action and growth that enables us to deliver on our mission and values.

Corporate Social Responsibility And Sustainability

Milo-FAIS recognizes the environmental impact of its business and the responsibility to find solutions. Continuously improving environmental sustainability has been part of our daily operations and business decisions for many years.

We are proud of efforts in ensuring minimal impact on the aquatic ecosystem of Lake Erie, we strive for zero waste in our operations, our on-site wastewater treatment and other processes help us in minimizing the collective waste and residual streams. We have a huge on-site water treatment plant to filter wastewater before releasing it into the lake.  We ensure Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD), phosphorus values are within range to prevent any harmful impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our business model and we are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities as a member of society. Our strategic ambitions focus on our financial results, social interests, and the environment, or the ‘triple bottom line (3BL)’: People, Planet, and Profit. These are not just words: we turn them into actions daily.

Our corporate philosophy and sustainability practices are inspired by United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially in the context of the economy, jobs, the environment, and climate change.

We commit to operating in an economically, socially, and environmentally responsible manner whilst balancing the interests of diverse stakeholders. We envision a community of responsible and educated citizens who are environmentally conscious, practice social responsibility in their daily lives, and inspire others to do the same.