We aim to simplify freighting your stock by providing professional logistics and cold storage distribution services.

We pride ourselves on providing end-to-end cold storage, our services are designed to go beyond simply providing modern, efficient, and high-capacity cold storage warehousing. We offer professional logistics services allowing for smooth and stress-free cold storage distribution.

While we are not a transport company, we have ongoing working relationships with a range of third-party transport companies that we can recommend to freight your stock. We can also organize an outbound truck that is headed to your location to transport your goods to you, depending on quantities and availability. We can also arrange transportation of containers to and from the Port of Windsor and Toronto.

At Milo FAIS, loading and unloading reefer containers are part of what we do, we will load outgoing freight into containers after it has been in our freezer storage, or unload incoming goods that are due for cold storage at our temperature-controlled warehouse.

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