Reimagine the Food & Ag infrastructure

Many organizations have been trying to reinvent  the wheel in the Food & Ag sector, but an improved model may be closer and easier than we think. In the last few years leading edge innovations have come not from “never-before-seen” systems, but from reimagining existing systems to be faster, better, smarter.

Traditionally, food producer, processors, makers, packers and carriers have operated in silos, thinking and working independently from each other and the families they nourish. This system has standardized inefficiencies in delivery time, inefficient utilization, resulting in higher costs and food spoilage.

At Milo we are reimagining the Food and Ag sector by creating an integrated regional food and agriculture platform along with an ecosystem to address key sectoral issues. This would open access to superior international logistics, processing and market infrastructure.

Currently, Milo is a home to few of the largest food processors in North America, we handle their diverse needs day-in day-out. Our more than 100 years of professional experience in the food processing and cold storage business put us in a unique position to offer a range of collaborative solutions to meet food processors needs for quality, budget and schedule. Our platform brings greater capital efficiency across stakeholders from higher asset utilization and enable producers and processors to invest freed up capital in their core business.