Reliable, efficient, and functional refrigeration that keeps products refrigerated at the right temperature and long-lasting is essential for the successful food producer, processor, and distributor.

In the food supply chain, any weak link in the cold chain can damage not only your product and storage life but also your company’s reputation and brand too. Our certified tradespersons have the skills and expertise to ensures your products stay at the correct storage temperature allowing you to deliver the best product to your customers.

Our strict compliance with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and other regulatory requirements enables us to play a large role in the integrity of temperature during production, packaging, storage, and beyond.

Our facility is equipped and maintained for handling diverse food processing needs:

  • Central built-up refrigeration plants
  • Pumping systems
  • Individual quick-freezing tunnels
  • Heat reclaim systems
  • Ammonia systems
  • Air handling equipment
  • Food processing cooling systems
  • Automated control systems

Heat & Steam

Heat & Steam On-demand and At-scale

Heat is the heart of industrial food processes. The food industry needs heat at every stage of the process. Direct heat or heat from hot water is an essential factor in the food processing industry. Inside the food processing business, steam is used for cooking, drying, and warming, and general cleaning. Steam is also used to eliminate microbiological risk in food.

We offer Heat & Steam just like a utility, our clients do not have to invest in expensive equipment and their maintenance. Our turn-key solutions are cost-effective, efficient, and scalable.

Our plant can operate 24 hours a day with multiple product changes. Our boilers offer high-thermal efficiency throughout its operating range; rapid startup and load response; greatly reduced blowdown losses; high-quality, consistent steam output; and inherently safe, non-explosive operation. Because of these many advantages, our clients can process varying quantities and types of food products quickly, easily, and economically.

Our boilers run on Natural gas and can generate heat and steam for varied applications like:

  • Sanitation and sterilizing equipment
  • Reducing microbiological risks in food
  • Steam-in-Place (SIP) to clean pipes
  • Blanching and rehydrating product
  • Processing and cooking
  • Drying food and packaging

How we ensure fresh and crispier Onion Rings

We offer state of art refrigeration services to our client in frozen appetizer space. Our refrigeration and steam infrastructure enables clients to safely process food products in a safe environment preventing the growth of bacterial pathogens spoilage microbes.

Our ammonia-based refrigeration system plays a vital role in chilling and freezing operations. Maintaining temperature to under -18 degrees Celsius for onion rings helps in preserving their flavor and prevent them from sticking together.

The bags of onion rings are packed and stored in our cold storage under sub-zero temperatures. We also help the client is treating the wastewater as per legal guidelines.

Everyday onion rings are shipped from our facility to various distribution centers to be available at the grocery store near you.

We can help our clients in setting up a food processing extension integrated with our infrastructure platform.  We take a collaborative approach to infrastructure and engineering solutions with our clients. These solutions help to ensure a safe and timely production, meeting the economic and functional goals of our client.

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