Scalability and agility in food processing made possible

At Milo FAIS we have tried to solved one of the toughest problem in the Food and Agriculture, how to balance seasonality of operations, equipment utilization and infrastructure investment for driving profits.

We managed to financially reengineer the business model from ground up and are in process of creating a well laid out strategic game-board around a Rural, Agricultural, Food Technology and Systems platform.

Facility scale-up is an exciting and challenging process that requires an organized, flexible and consistent approach for success. It is not pragmatic to invest in a dedicated facility and equipment if it cannot be fully utilized. In the food industry, excess operations and supply chain costs can be a major roadblock to profitability.

Loaded with operational, locational and environmental advantages, we have the capability to offer the complete end-to-end infrastructure that can respond to your need for scale and agility in a flexible and financially responsible manner. Milo provides its top 3 customers with infrastructure and services around hard assets with long life-cycles, developing such assets for a single purpose operation may be unattractive.